Billboard: Tommy Lee Recruits Fans for New Methods of Mayhem Album

Motley Crüe’s Tommy Lee says he “just wanted to do something different” for “A Public Disservice Announcement,” his first Methods of Mayhem album in 11 years. That turned out to be working with a cast of thousands — literally — on the 11-track set, which comes out Tuesday (Sept. 21).

Nearly a year ago, Lee and chief cohort Scott Humphrey began posting the album’s songs online and invited fans to contribute parts via ProTools, Logic, Garage Band or Riff Works. They came in droves, leaving Lee and company to sift through about 1,500 submissions per week. “It was great,” Lee tells “If it was any greater I probably wouldn’t be talking to you ’cause the record still wouldn’t be done. Thank God we only dealt with 13 tracks [including bonuses]. Otherwise it would’ve been a much longer process.”

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