Bye Vegas hello home!!!

Bye Vegas hello home!!!

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Bye Vegas hello home!!!

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  1. You’re the best drummer alive Tommy

  2. @mrtommyland @sofiofficial Same here. It was a fuckin BLAST!!! You rock, Tommy!! #motleyinvegas

  3. Love you tommy <3

  4. What tha fuK

  5. You are the shit I just love you.

  6. @mrtommyland we just left your house!! Recording a new EP @mrtommyland

  7. Welcome back home tommy(:

  8. @mrtommyland badass show last night! Fly safe!

  9. Awesome bro

  10. U rocked the show as always

  11. About time!

  12. @mrtommyland Thanks for the good time at Friday’s show!

  13. Was at the show tonight. One of the best nights of my life! Thank You so much @mrtommyland !!!

  14. Thank you for tonight!! Love you!!

  15. AWESOME !! Your are all done ….. I heard the reviews … WHAT A SHOW !!! Good for you ….. ALL THE BEST ! ️️️Fly happy and safe home ….. @mrtommyland @sofiofficial

  16. Goodnight asshole!!!!

  17. Thanks for entertaining us!!! Hope it’s not the last time in Vegas… The Crüe is my all time fav! Best shows ever!

  18. Theres no place like home…

  19. Great show!!!!

  20. Always a great feeling going home.

  21. You’re so Blessed! Been given an amazing gift that you continue to share with us. Straight! Love u!

  22. Whoaaa BoWiggler!

  23. Yeah! Time to relax again.

  24. There’s no place like home

  25. Awesome!! I drove a little over 500 miles, one way, for one day in Vegas, just to see Motley Crue!! Happy birthday to me!

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