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  1. hope you come back to party in Boston soon!!

  2. You should come to Mexico, we love you!!!

  3. I can never get my hair like that!!! So sik!!!

  4. U rok tony!

  5. Sick!!

  6. Yum.

  7. thanks for the ride … on the coaster Sunday. good stuff.

  8. Hotness

  9. What kind of eye makeup do you use @tony???

  10. Gay

  11. Hello Thomas

  12. Sweet shot!

  13. Hottie x

  14. Hey hottie!

  15. Hmmm is that product in your hair. Cmon man!!!

  16. Dammit! I miss my rockstar hair!

  17. There is method in the mayhem !

  18. 

  19. @tangerine00 u might wanna follow!

  20. Spikie Lee! agh all emoticon heads are too coiffed!

  21. Hot stuff coming through!!

  22. Never thought my 13 year old daughter would know all Motley Crüe songs !!! And you TommyLee she watches videos over and over to watch you beat the heck outta them drums !! N

  23. Love you, your badass!!!!

  24. Looks like someone wanked in your hair.

  25. How can someone NOT like Mötley Crüe?!?

  26. Im not sure about that THICK hair tho! 😉

  27. it!

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