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  1. Grand Rapids!

  2. Cool shit

  3. Cool!!

  4. Looking good TL

  5. Awesome!

  6. Love it!

  7. @teagsshelley haha check this out

  8. @_conner_d

  9. Very cool!!!

  10. @iancripps

  11. Gnar

  12. Very cool representing or city Grand Rapids , Mi thanks Tommy

  13. So rad

  14. @a1adtakx

  15. Cool

  16. Wowww

  17. No entiendo jajajajaja @mashijaime

  18. Very cool!!

  19. Hahaha bad ass!

  20. Awesome!! Can’t wait until tomorrow night!!!!

  21. Love it! I’ll test out the drum set roller coaster. I work for the arena, I can be there in a 10 minutes notice.

  22. I’m SOOOOO excited for tomorrow!!! WOOHAA!!!

  23. Way too much fun

  24. Lee, you will be flying soon enough, enjoy your final tour,, love ya!!!

  25. north bay tommy yolo

  26. Fly high I’d never hold you down.

  27. “Fly me away”

  28. HAHAHA

  29. Awesome

  30. Dronnie boob cam? Lol omg I remember you’d concert in Boston got me on cam Lol

  31. Hahahaha that’s great !!!!!

  32. @pashtetto надо дрона покупать короче) и гоупроху)

  33. Happy Canada tommy! Keep it real eh!

  34. Let me know if you need more KLeNLaundry socks I can ship them Rock On @mrtommyland @sofioffcial

  35. Tenemos que hacer esto @dvdcamus aunque nos borren!!!

  36. @mrtommyland see you guys July 27th in Auburn WA @ The White River Amphitheater

  37. : )

  38. Be nice to hear “Knock em Dead Kid” in Dallas in two weeks. You know you want to play that fucker & I want to hear it T!

  39. U guys were awesome at van andel

  40. Bring it to NY in Aug…..

  41. #cool #супер !

  42. @clayton_vanelst_01 Yea ik they kicked fucking ass! And god dammit tommy you broke the drums!

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