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  1. drama?


  3. Loved that bit haha saw it yesterday. Never part with my shirt that’s for hells sure

  4. @andrew941 although that would never be an issue.

  5. Omg lol I would have to kill someone if they did that

  6. Damn right!

  7. Cause for divorce if I’ve ever seen one

  8. @hippychick90 same

  9. Home Sweet Home my ass…..hahahahaha

  10. Lol

  11. I remember getting so excited when I watched this lol!!

  12. I remember watching this and freaking out

  13. Seriously that’s the best!

  14. Check the guitar string bracelets on my page

  15. Ha

  16. He married up,

  17. Sent you a DM brother

  18. @mrtommyland I would kill my husband if he did that to me and I’m sure he would do the same.

  19. Is she also in House Of Cards? 😐

  20. @jonsiren

  21. Omg this is too good! Lol

  22. So good

  23. Crüe, Crüe, Crüe!! That bitch be crazy, giving that shirt to goodwill. Mötley Crüe will live in our hearts forever! ️

  24. Haha this is great.

  25. nope. she’s gotta go! lol

  26. @electricpenguin dying

  27. too funny!

  28. @maddiedenise14

  29. Dealing with bitches is a full time job

  30. One of the best shows on tv. Love it.

  31. I absolutely love this show!!!

  32. Nice sense Ψ(`∇´)Ψ

  33. @mrtommyland you favorited that on my Twitter account

  34. I would be pissed if someone did that to me!

  35. @daniel_ethridge

  36. Lol….I love it!!! This has happened to me with my Crüe shirts, Iron Maiden shirts, Amoured Saint shirts etc….

  37. @foley29

  38. saw this last nite and was LMAO, what up tommii

  39. @mrtommyland that’s cause for divorce

  40. @jrpradz

  41. That’s a definite keeper! Wtf!

  42. Ayy they’re work keeping my dad gave me his old shirt from one of your concerts he went to and I practically live in that shirt

  43. @mrtommyland do you remember (lol) being in Scottsdale, AZ in the 80s (lol) in a jacuzzi (lol) and a girl gave you one of her bracelets to join your bracelet collection? I’m sure you don’t but if by chance you do, that was me and you were by far one of the coolest peeps I’ve ever met. I have a picture somewhere… I’ll tag you I I find it. Happy weekend!

  44. @shioband lol!!

  45. Know the feeling

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