Happy Mothers day to all the Mommas!! Missing you terribly Mom!

Happy Mothers day to all the Mommas!! Missing you terribly Mom!

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://www.tommylee.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/11230355_109748116023563_2045695874_n.jpg” size=”large”]

Happy Mothers day to all the Mommas!! Missing you terribly Mom!

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  1. Mom looks Soooo Young !!! Amazing !!!

  2. Great picture.

  3. What a pretty momma!!!

  4. @mrtommyland she was so beautiful and I’m sure a wonderful mum

  5. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} She’s beautiful Tommy & always with you

  6. Beautiful pic

  7. @mrtommyland

  8. I miss my mom too:(

  9. Your mum looks young 🙂

  10. wow!!!!

  11. Cute!

  12. cross on both shirts, red and blue covers the visible light spectrum

  13. “I Empathize With You, Tommy.” <3

  14. @athanasia86 his mom

  15. She’s beautiful 🙂

  16. Shes pretty..sweet is she the greek?? @moonrocksok

  17. She was what I told u in the car his mom was miss greexe

  18. Greece @athanasia86

  19. She passed away last year 🙁 but him his sister his mom… Good genetics… Opaaaa lol. Aww I read his book and it was so sweet how in love his parents were. I love stories like that. Hey @mrtommyland if ur reading this– huge fan in Tampa here and Love ur story.. Love ur talents.. I bought ur book on amazon and it looked like It came with ur autograph.. I like to think it is legit 🙂 my fav show I have seen u in was carnival of sins..

  20. Your Mom is So Beautiful!!

  21. Beautiful shot, hope you are good @mrtommyland

  22. Great photo man!!

  23. Aunt Margarita brought me to hear house years ago when I was about 10 or so. I remember being there and her being so sweet to me. Beautiful picture

  24. You still manage look like such a cheeky dude after all these years. I don’t know how you do it.

  25. So thats where you get your good looks from! 🙂 @mrtommyland

  26. What an amazing, beautiful woman Toms!! An angel !!

  27. @mrtommyland my favorite picture on here(: how beautiful

  28. WOW, your Mum is so beautiful! @mrtommyland

  29. She was so beautiful!!! She made beautiful kids too!!! Ur sis is so pretty too just like U, pretty Tbaby”!!

  30. Wow…look at that…identically same smile…very cool picture!!

  31. This pic is so precious, you’re bessed to stii have your Mom. God Bless You both.

  32. Beautiful mum <3 @mrtommyland

  33. Great pic

  34. Us Greeks have amazing genetics. Super cute pic!

  35. Great picture

  36. Awesome pic 🙂

  37. XoXo <3

  38. Love it!!!

  39. Aww she is gorgeous.

  40. How sweet. Really sweet….

  41. Wow..u have ur moms smile..so sweet

  42. Efxapisto ya to pethi sou ma me ti musici too me ethose zoi!! Can you read this one dude????

  43. Cheers Tommy your one of the influences I had growing up and why I beat skins to this day

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