Missin you like crazy Dad

Missin you like crazy Dad

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://www.tommylee.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/11248002_1644605069093783_592049903_n.jpg” size=”large”]

Missin you like crazy Dad

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  1. @mrtommyland you are your fathers twin !!

  2. Fuk yea!!!!my dads gone 2, butt the soul flies, hes with you tommy there is life after death.

  3. Wow u look so much like your mom!

  4. @mrtommyland love your mom’s smile in this pic! It is what true love and happiness looks like.

  5. This one is the pic that you used in your book!

  6. Have a GUD PáPa Day!!!

  7. Classic

  8. Your mom is so pretty! Soo that’s where you get it from!;)

  9. Beautiful picture!!

  10. Tom- I can totally see your eyes in that photo! Sucha great pic. Hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day!

  11. @mrtommyland <3

  12. Gorgeous parents gorgeous kids!

  13. really cute!

  14. They made some amazing talented children that would change the face of music.

  15. Lovely picture! Stunning dress, too 🙂

  16. I know how u must feel @mrtommyland .. Lost mine almost 2 yrs back.

  17. Awesome pic bro

  18. Beautiful Couple

  19. I know ur pain I miss my dad EVERY day and the best part they was a part of our lifes ….bless

  20. Oooh I totally Love this photo of your parents!! You can actually SEE the love in they’re faces!..Very Sweet!

  21. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing it

  22. Gorgeous and sexy as his son.

  23. Can see where u get your smile.

  24. Your mother is beautiful.

  25. Beautiful people beautiful child

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