Movie night!!!!

Movie night!!!!

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Movie night!!!!

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  1. When do we get the dirt’s movie?

  2. I miss them @qbsteelerfan7

  3. En México también @mrtommyland ?

  4. @tomoveonistogrow LETS GO SOSBWOXBQKSBJASJ

  5. @_jake_dillon_

  6. @lauxifer

  7. When is that gonba be avail on disc tommy?

  8. U got a problem bro. But I still want to see it @michael.difiore

  9. When is this available to you fans?

  10. I need this

  11. No San Antonio showings, @mrtommyland … What the fuck?!

  12. Will it be on dvd

  13. @mrtommyland I am shocked you would watch this. Don’t most artist not want to see themselves?

  14. You always say that (sounds good )! Really the never ending story AGAIN !! Same price ? T

  15. Just bought my tickets!

  16. @idk we gotta get tickets!!!

  17. @michaelnagrom

  18. Hell yes @ach_pga

  19. Seen Crüe twice akron Ohio 1998 think you just got out of jail you had the roll cage and f crushed it then the farewell tour blossom music center didn’t have the coaster but you all made It with the high rise for home sweet home man maybe someday a reuioun tour because Crüe f rules always has always will

  20. I can’t wait!

  21. Can’t wait!

  22. @chromeooo can we go?!?!

  23. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see you guys on the mig screen @mrtommyland !!!! That was my first time seeing you and my last and I cant wait to relive that experience again

  24. I’ll never forget the first time…15 years old…took a greyhound 4 hours…Pittsburgh…shout at the devil…accept opened…you guys fucking destroyed!!! Best show I’ve EVER seen!

  25. @______mariel HOLY SHIT, DUDE

  26. A movie about their concert? @happielilhippie

  27. @kczyk

  28. @______mariel I think it’s a movie on their whole last tour

  29. @antbeatz don’t forget

  30. Just got my tix!!!

  31. The dirt?

  32. @l_halstead67 we are going to see this!!

  33. @_allstarjin oh whaaaat?! I’m down

  34. and i have tues off! just gotta see where its gonna play at. (btw.. totally forgot i tagged you in this lol) @mj_t_818

  35. @john_oitice since we didn’t go together would u wanna hit the theater instead? Lol

  36. Can not wait

  37. What about Canada or do we have to wait for it to come to Canada? Or is there a DVD we can buy? @mrtommyland

  38. What about The rest of The world?

  39. Europe?

  40. @requiemdirt is it playing in Canada?

  41. @unluckyvii no 🙁

  42. Well that sucks. Canadians love motley Crüe also.

  43. Good onya @_crutch ! Australians loved the Crüe too and wanna see The End too!!

  44. Russians also love you so much

  45. We need one in Shreveport Louisiana or Tyler Tx. Closest theater is 130 miles away

  46. Closest to me is over a 2 hr drive

  47. We gotta see it @erica__becker

  48. Got tix…was at last 2 shows..right in front of cameraman both nights..can’t want to see it.. I’m sure I made the final..

  49. Escapev

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