Mr.Ganesha is ready!!!

Mr.Ganesha is ready!!!

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Mr.Ganesha is ready!!!

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  1. Cool! You’re the man.

  2. Cool

  3. Nice

  4. So fucking cool!!!

  5. Gamei @mrtommyland

  6. They say the elephant’s butt should be pointed at the street… it’ll bring good luck!!!

  7. @vaneephresh

  8. Tommy, you like this indian-style huh? 😉

  9. Putting the hat on him will bring bad luck….I would not mess with an idol @mrtommyland

  10. Love yer Ganesha!

  11. I love it!!!

  12. Nicw

  13. How festive #christmaswishes

  14. I love this!!

  15. Jay ganesha jay! T-bone!

  16. @aceecee

  17. That’s disrespectful to Indians and Hindu gods @mrtommyland

  18. Lol @mrtommyland

  19. @mrtommyland you are everything! Much respect for having love for Ganesha

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