Rolling Stone: Tommy Lee & DJ Aero Live Duo Gear Up for New Year’s Eve, Cruise

If there’s anyone who knows about making memories on the road, it’s Tommy Lee. When Lee, who’s touring right now with his dance-music partner DJ Aero, calls a tour “memorable,” you know it must have been special. That’s exactly what Lee says of the last few months on the road opening for Deadmau5. “We had a lot of good times, man. We definitely had a memorable several months,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I have to thank Joel for taking Aero and I out and giving us an opportunity to do what we do in front of his audience. It was really great for us.”

Fans can get a feel for the good times and camaraderie of the tour from this exclusive clip, filmed at the MID in Chicago, where Deadmau5 and singer SOFI make a cameo. “That was near the end, so that was a cap-off and everybody was in the mood to party,” Aero says.

The duo have more opportunities to create memories coming up, first on New Year’s Eve, when they share the stage with, among others, Crystal Method – old friends, says Lee – at a festival in Queenstown, New Zealand. The following weekend finds them spending January 6th-9th on the Holy Ship cruise, produced by the same people who do the HARD Festival. A dance-music cruise, it also features Fatboy Slim, Skrillex, Diplo, Soulwax and many more.

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