Tommy Lee & DJ Aero @ Avalon – March 11, 2011

Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, Mr. Oizo, Will Bailey and Steve Prior - "Control" @ Avalon - March 11, 2011

Photo Gallery: Project Blue Book Tour San Diego Club Voyeur

Skrillex, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero and Mr. White - "L.E.D." @ Voyeur (San Diego, CA) - February 10, 2011

Crue Fest Photo Gallery Part 1

Crüe Fest 2 was the second year of the Crüe Fest touring festival, created and headlined by Mötley Crüe. The tour took place over the summer of 2009, and was in the same vein as the first Crüe Fest.

Crue Fest Photo Gallery Part 2

Nikki Sixx said of the line up, "This is what we imagined when we came up with the idea of Crüe Fest last summer - putting together the most kick ass bands on one bill for a day of rock. All of the ba...

Crue Fest Photo Gallery Part 3

The activities surrounding the announcement of this year’s line-up and ticket on-sale include launch parties in local venues and in-theater special screenings of a performance documentary on Crüe Fest...

Crue Fest Photo Gallery Part 4

MTV: Mötley Crüe sure know how to make an entrance. The rockers showed up to Fuse TV in New York City on Monday in an over-the-top Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. The theatrical entrance — comp...

Crue Fest Photo Gallery Part 5

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Dr. Feelgood," Motley Crue is playing its No. 1 album in its entirety on the Crue Fest 2 tour. But while the band is celebrating its heritage, it is allowing new...

Atrium Studio Photos

The Atrium Studio is home to world renowned musician and rocker Tommy Lee. Created specifically to provide an environment that inspires creativity and offers a vibey alternative to traditional, commer...