The new hundies is cool!

The new hundies is cool!

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The new hundies is cool!

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  1. @jacobreed66 wow nice mouth for a 15 year old guess you grow up in the woods by wolves

  2. @ryen2407 am I the only one tht thinks every time they make a new bill it looks faker n faker…

  3. Mail me a few mofo!!

  4. @jennifermoyer1 right??

  5. @marblaise well the only thing we could make ours smell like is mcdonalds fries so I’d prefer we didn’t try to beat that lol

  6. Must be nice!!!

  7. Poker $$ gimme gimme!

  8. You should go buy a Gretsch kit with that, lol.

  9. Share the wealth

  10. @jennifermoyer1 it looks fake and al.ost feel plastic like

  11. @gigicampbell I guess your right but, it would be nice if they could just print off the debts , like you said if they could print as wanted it wouldn’t have value

  12. @mrtommyland lemme hold a few

  13. They are kind of badass!

  14. @redclh75 you’ve had one? I want to c em n person ..

  15. @jennifermoyer1 my friend did yesterday, feels kinda fake and plastic like…they almost look like toy cash!

  16. Checkout old pics

  17. Of you

  18. Monopoly money…lol.

  19. Wish I had several so I could make some Christmas wishes come true for the needy kids around this small town… #onesweetday

  20. Got some fresh ones today!!!

  21. Trip on those right? Check out the strip inside it to the rt of the prez on front lol @mrtommyland

  22. That’s motley crues members pocket change

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