Tommy Lee has ‘figured out’ rollercoaster drum riser

Coming to a venue near you soon?

Do you think other bands will go down the worldwide collaboration route?

“I think so. I see other bands doing it and that’s so cool because they’ll get the same experience out of it that I had. I learnt a lot of things, one of them is that there’s a lot of talented people out there. And as well, what a thing to give back. I can’t tell you the enormous amount of emails I’ve had and they all said thank you for the most insane opportunity. I didn’t realise until I got feedback that I gave somebody this experience. To me that feels good.”

Were there any songs that were taken in new direction after hearing the fan submissions?

“For the most part things stayed pretty much on course and people added to them. But ‘Back To Before’ was a mid-tempo rock song and this guy in Paris sped the tempo up and remixed it and sent it back to me and I was like, ‘F**k! This is way better!’. I scrapped the whole song and started over. I re-recorded it and re-arranged it and now you’d be blown away if you heard the original. He totally inspired me with some new direction for the song. I’m glad he did that because the song now is one of my favourites. They’re all my favourites on the record but that one really does it for me now. It’s cool how that can happen. It’s such a funny process. It’s always interesting to me that we all hear music differently. It’s an awesome experience to hear what other people hear. A lot of times we’re completely off. That was one of those that worked out really cool.”


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