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  1. See ya soon! I will ride it w you! Last time we rode a coaster together I was topless!

  2. Let me guess…your new drum rig @mrtommyland ?! Lol

  3. Sweet man! I’ll see you tonight!!!

  4. ET phone home?

  5. Looks like Buffalo NY next to venue

  6. Haha

  7. See you tonight ! @mrtommyland

  8. Strap your drums to the mind eraser and move the concert there

  9. We’re on our way!!!

  10. Damn. If only that could be Cruecifly Mega sitting nicely inside the Pepsi Center! Watching that would even make the fans forget where the fuck they are. Mind eraser. Mind blowing. @mrtommyland

  11. OMG I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT YOU GUYS DID AMAZING!!! Hopefully coming to see you guys on October 29th and maybe no lawn seats this time!!!

  12. I went to the concert! It was great! Nice job

  13. That was such a amazing time you guys should keep touring you guys will always be on top

  14. To think that concert was 2 weeks ago you guys killed it in Darien Lake! Glad I got to see you guys while you were so close to us.! My mom almost didn’t let me go (I’m 13) . Glad my dad bought the tickets and not her

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