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  1. @pumpgraphic @iamboxtop

  2. @hunter.harville

  3. Trippin’ balls and I’ve only had 3 beers!!!

  4. @dphuckles

  5. @delaney_crawford for when you’re zooted later

  6. @jaclyyyyyn omg hell no

  7. Whoa @woto954 @daindannydanieldan @mrbaezz

  8. @beaarry

  9. What’s going on haha

  10. WTF HOMIE!!!

  11. @spinellifx

  12. @egas2ooooo

  13. You when you have a paper due @tcatp

  14. @mr_barkerdog trippy AF

  15. @lukekoszycki when girls don’t notice me

  16. @mikessart @blondetravelingcircus

  17. This has been fucking me up @lsullivan2244

  18. @amberrivascolorist

  19. @sam_marie21 @bree_lynn_07 @j_bradley_714 @speechdude @nikkinix85

  20. @kayleyalison 😮

  21. Got me fucked up @khallie_elizabeth

  22. @imallisonrenee

  23. @ratboy666


  25. @galuschuk @aiden_chmelowski what the frickin heck is this

  26. @miko_garcia_images

  27. What the hech did I just saw???

  28. You’re tripping me out Tommy! @mrtommyland

  29. @wilmacarolinaa va i helvete

  30. Wtf?

  31. Tripping! @_riiiikz

  32. @amilli222

  33. @amilli222

  34. @carriesweetberrie ???

  35. It’s sexy and freaky and a little pyromania just like you! Good job! Keep to your strengths you sexy beast!!

  36. Wow!

  37. @dangerous_bad_boy

  38. @dabbin_gabin @thugb0at

  39. @catldy what

  40. @jesperkvarnberg @marcusssjodin

  41. @dlove72

  42. I got happy and frustrated

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  44. @iheartquiet

  45. @cauchi

  46. @mrtommyland Lol! Where’d you find this shit??

  47. Welcome to Tommyland….where everything is just like Tommy Lee, out of the box & over the edge. Never boring…always makes you wonder…

  48. Cosby victims?

  49. @berrynw the comment above this. Also that fucked me up real bad right before bed. Dammit Ryan…

  50. @stephlikescats look what Ryan tagged me in…. Fuck.

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