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  1. HI DAD

  2. #Epic

  3. hiiiii ddAAAAdddDDDd

  4. Do that with a drum set! @mrtommyland

  5. Yessss @tovelo

  6. Wtf is this! My anxiety just attacked me and my heart fell through my asshole

  7. When main lining cocaine has lost it thrill.

  8. I agree with everything_metallica! Holy hell!

  9. #bandaloop

  10. Insane

  11. Whoooooa!

  12. @mariahh.d PARKOR

  13. Hell noooope.

  14. Crazy @j3lks @miss_coriale

  15. Happy high

  16. There you go w tripping me out again @mrtommyland

  17. Come back to Toronto soon and do some club shows Tommy!

  18. Japan CM

  19. @victoriavarelamakeup

  20. @pumpgraphic

  21. Soo dope

  22. Damn!

  23. @zaydertheinvader

  24. Why by the power of the fucking force!?!

  25. Yikes

  26. You can see the wires but still mighty impressive

  27. Whaaaaa!!!!!???

  28. I love these [email protected] it’s really incredible to watch

  29. Incredible

  30. Omg, I’d love to do this!!!

  31. No way @buzzbizzell !!!

  32. Too cool a thriller! Hellz yea!

  33. Which one is u @mrtommyland ?

  34. ( ☆∀☆) yey

  35. @cyssenn awesome

  36. Cool

  37. Start the day with exercise I’ll settle for black coffee and a smoke!

  38. Omg!

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