Tonight’s crime scene

Tonight's crime scene

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Tonight’s crime scene

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  1. Was an amazing show. Such a sad night! #ripmotleycrue

  2. @yzer69 han har ju pengar 🙂

  3. Hello @mrtommyland oxoxo

  4. Thanks for the great music all these years. I am very sad that this is the end of the Crue. I hope you stop at a venue close to me. I love all you guys!

  5. its not the end 😉

  6. U guys rocked in Indy!

  7. Hey tommy hope you come to a drum shop in Toronto Ontario seen you live a few times would love to see you in a small venue all the best!!!

  8. you guys were amazing!

  9. You are the definition of fun Tbone

  10. I soooooooooooo wanted to see your drum solo in Indy!

  11. Your guys concert tonight was amazing!! My boyfriend and I had so much fun. Wish you all could come back to KY. When I lived in Cali I met you! Up at a gas station in the Malibu Hollywood area. My dad, brother sister and I got out and talked to you…. Not sure if you remember haha but thanks for making great music!!!

  12. You blocked me on twitter? Kind of broken hearted about that. And confused since I didn’t even know you knew I existed lol @mrtommyland

  13. Will the Rollercoaster drum set be in Des Moines??

  14. @mrtommyland

  15. what song is that?

  16. Just seen ya going into the Wells Fargo arena, ready for u to rock the he’ll out of Iowa

  17. Love u Tommy !!!

  18. So fuckin cool!!!

  19. No questiion your the shit

  20. You guys kicked ass in Indy totally awesome…#klipschmusiccenter

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