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  1. I know that fireworks stand well. Move away… Move very far away and no one gets hurt.

  2. HELL yea

  3. I hope so! 😉

  4. Nice

  5. Is that the Skrillex bus!?

  6. I love you let’s get married in a cathedral or on a boat.

  7. YES!!! Can’t wait to see you Tuesday night in Birmingham!!

  8. Yep!

  9. Yikes!

  10. Great show last nite but Kiss was Amazing!!

  11. Holyshippppp @mrtommyland

  12. Don’t burn your hand again.

  13. When it comes to you guys, it’s always trouble! 

  14. Wow!

  15. Hahaha!!!…

  16. Passes to find in Bama??..would love to “hunt” 4em…

  17. Nice

  18. Seen you in Vegas at ” the joint” back in feb on the last night of the hard rock gig ( Nikki spit the fake blood all over me and my crew). Will be seeing you again this Tuesday in bama.

  19. Fireworks!! Hell yeah

  20. Mini-me!

  21. Fucking dope ride!!!

  22. Sweet!

  23. nice rental

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