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  1. Is this a quote from you Tony? So sick!!! You’re my favorite graffiti artist!!!

  2. So true. Travel, get out of your comfort zone. The richest you’ll ever be!

  3. Yup!!! ξ„’ξ„―

  4. Exactly

  5. You can have all the doe in the world but you ain’t got love in your heart you ain’t got shiiizzit!!!

  6. Yup some people never get it……

  7. Luv is all you need. And laughter too

  8. I LOVE THAT!!!!!

  9. True words spoken

  10. Agreed man true words mr true words

  11. @mrtommyland awesome quote!

  12. πŸ˜‰

  13. From Who’s Perspective!

  14. Tom tom tominator the tomz

  15. Ya think

  16. Very true. Have known a few very wealthy people – not happy.

  17. “having money isn’t everything… Not having money is” k west

  18. Hey if you want to off load some dough to make you happy @mrtommyland …. I can stand to be miserable for a while…. Jes sayn…

  19. I agree with @everett1204! I’ve obviously been happy for far too long…

  20. Talking about romney?

  21. @mrtommyland! @rainbowsofbob and I are ready and willing to be chronically depressed to make you happy bro.. and if not you some other dude with boatloads of greenbacks… Tell your friends man. We won’t let you down.. πŸ˜‰

  22. Love !!!!! This is fact ! @mrtommyland

  23. #WORD

  24. @mrtommyland Damn so true! And some of us so rich, and ain’t got a gd dime. Crazy, this life. I like it when you put shit like this out there in the world though, good food for thought.

  25. @everett1204 haha. Money=depressed=sick leave from work !! So show me the money !

  26. Strange, all women (minus 2) agree with Tommy. Haha.

  27. Once a homeless rough sleeper, I sure woulda swapped poors for that one lol!

  28. I’d be miserable poor over miserable and broke haha

  29. Totally true

  30. Very nice.

  31. Then I’m rich as hell, bitches!

  32. That’s a very true stmt

  33. that ish mad deep.

  34. You hit that nail right on the head there !

  35. That’s a whole lotta truth

  36. Happiness is lived

  37. This is True!

  38. So true!

  39. Preach

  40. Es su forma de creer que viven

  41. Love this so true!!!!!

  42. πŸ˜‰

  43. Very true.

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