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While chatting to Tommy Lee, The Action Battle Team found out he’s really a great family man – but are his kids growing up in his footsteps? Watch to find out if they’re also rockstars in the making.

Would you believe that Tommy Lee loves Lady Gaga?

The Action Battle Team sat down with legendary rocker Tommy Lee today – and among other things he talked about his love for Lady Gaga.

Tommy Lee is currently in town as part of Virgin Mobile’s 10th Birthday Celebrations – and to be honest – he’s a pretty rad dude to chat to.

More from our chat with the awesome Tommy Lee – where he talks about stealing Christmas trees and well, pretty much everything to decorate the tree (hint: beer cans make an awesome festive accessory)

Can you imagine Christmas in the Lee household? Wow.

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  1. Yo! Tommy wow i would love to visit that spot i will have to stop by their somerime.

  2. You can visit my museum of sex anytime Tommy Lee!!! <3

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