Us Magazine: Why Tommy Lee Doesn’t Give His Sons Relationship Advice: Lessons Are Best ‘Self-Learned’

  • June 1, 2020

His lips are zipped! Tommy Lee doesn’t give his two sons advice when it comes to their love lives

“Sometimes it’s better to kind of fall down and bump your head on your own,” the Mötley Crüe member, 57, told Us Weekly exclusively of Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee on Friday, May 29, while promoting singles from his solo record, Andro. “I guess it’s all part of the learning process. You can sit here and wave flags and give advice and throw flares all you want, but sometimes the best lessons are those self-learned.”

The musician does “throw in a little two cents here and there,” he went on to tell Us, explaining, “You can help somebody avoid mistakes that you’ve made.”

Full article and video:


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