USA Today: Tommy Lee reveals which Mötley Crüe member once bit Eddie Van Halen, talks sobriety and solo album

  • October 16, 2020

By: Patrick Ryan USA TODAY

Tommy Lee is 58 going on 8.

“I act like a (expletive) kid anyway – I figured, ‘Whatever with the 5!’ ” jokes the boisterous Mötley Crüe drummer, who celebrated his birthday earlier this month. “I’m going Benjamin Button-style, I’m gonna keep going backwards.”

But Lee is hardly living in the past. After the success of last year’s “The Dirt,” a Netflix biopic charting Mötley’s wild early days, the musician is taking a bold new step into the future with solo album “Andro,” out Friday. It’s his first solo effort since 2005’s “Tommyland: The Ride,” and eschews rock for an eclectic mix of hip-hop, EDM, funk and R&B. The experimental, guest-heavy record was largely written and recorded in Lee’s basement studio in Calabasas, Calif., in the home he shares with his fourth wife, social media star Brittany Furlan.


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  1. I am enjoying Tommy’s latest music and the older stuff as well – loved that cow bell and the creativeness of his drumming techniques, high energy rock ‘ roll. He is Legend and I really do hope to see him perform one of these days soon.

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